Electric Motor Generators 

Calnetix Technologies designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of Magnaforce™ Permanent Magnet (PM) Motor Generators for a variety of applications and industries. These units range from only a few watts to megawatt power levels with speeds ranging from 4,000 rpm to 450,000 rpm. Whether converting mechanical power to electrical or converting electrical power to mechanical, Calnetix PM motor generators offer:

Calnetix Magnaforce PM Motor Generators

Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ machines are comprised of PM rotors and companion stators for constant torque applications. Smaller rotors feature metal sleeve construction, while large units employ Calnetix’s proprietary composite sleeve technology. Each companion stator is optimized to provide trouble-free service over an extended lifetime.

Calnetix has the largest installation of high-speed PM motor generators in the field; currently installed units have accumulated well over 100 million running hours. The large number of designs, extensive operating hours and proven reliability make Calnetix the world leader in high-speed PM motor generators.