Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Systems

The Heat-to-Power Solution for Industrial Applications

With over 45 MW of capacity installed and operating around the world, Access Energy has the technology, knowledge and experience to make your waste heat recovery project a success.

If your process vents heat greater than 130°C, and you are operating 6,000 hours or more, Access Energy’s Prepackaged Thermapower® Organic Rankine Cycle 125MT can help turn your waste heat into profit.


Learn how Access Energy Prepackaged Thermapower Systems are being used with fuel cells.


Dependable Waste Heat Recovery

The Prepackaged Thermapower Organic Rankine Cycle 125MT uses cutting edge technology to produce reliable, clean electricity. Our patented Carefree® Integrated Power Module (IPM) operates on magnetic bearings and removes the hassle of maintenance with its innovative fully encapsulated design. With its advanced Vericycle™ power electronics and state-of-the-art computer control system, the Thermapower 125MT is the premier ORC system in the world, offering numerous benefits over competitive technologies, including:

High availability and reliability

  • Consistent and stable operation with a wide variety of source heat types and conditions
  • Very low maintenance and operating costs

High efficiency

  • Variable speed generator allows for optimal speed operation
  • Self-centering magnetic bearings eliminate friction between rotating parts and reduce product wear

Zero emissions or risk of contamination

  • No fuel or oil lubrication required
  • Environmentally friendly, non-combustible and non-flammable working fluid
  • Modular configuration
  • Scalable to site (install 1 or 10 units)
  • Offers opportunity for N+1 redundancy for critical applications
  • Easy to relocate if required

Ease of transport and installation

  • Standard 20 ft. container
  • Only three field connections for immediate use:

    • Connect heat source (hot water or steam)
    • Connect cooling water (from cooling tower or other supply)
    • Connect utility grid
  • Simple setup and commissioning

Fully automated

  • Auto start/stop
  • Load control
  • Advanced power electronics automatically match grid voltage and frequency

Options support

  • High pressure hot water (HPHW) controls
  • Steam valve control

Organic Rankine Cycle Process

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) converts thermal energy into electricity. It does this using a process similar to a steam turbine, but it uses refrigerant instead of water. This allows the ORC to extract energy from low temperature sources. 

  1. The heat source transfers thermal energy into the refrigerant causing it to vaporize.
  2. High pressure refrigerant vapor flows into the turbine.
  3. The refrigerant vapor pushes against the turbine and causes it to spin.
  4. The turbine turns the generator producing electrical power.
  5. Cooling water extracts thermal energy from the low pressure refrigerant vapor.
  6. The refrigerant is condensed back into liquid.
  7. Liquid refrigerant is pumped into the evaporator.

Prepackaged Thermapower® ORC 125MT

Access Energy’s new Prepackaged Thermapower ORC 125MT is configured to fit within a standard 20 foot shipping container. The new design is easier than ever to install.  The system is ready for immediate use after connecting the heat source, cooling source and electricity.

Included in the Container:

Thermapower 125MT IPM, High Grade 316 SS Evaporator and Condenser, Power Delivery Unit, Power Electronics Cooler, Refrigerant Leak Detector, Air Compressor, Space Heater, Exhaust Fan, Lights

Customer to Provide:

Heat Source (Hot Water or Steam), Heat Source Control Valve, Cooling Water (i.e. Cooling Tower), Grid Connection, Pumps, Valves and Other Ancillary Balance of Plant Equipment

1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • Controls operation of ORC components
  • Remote operation with Modbus TCP/IP or Web interface

2. Insight™ Magnetic Bearing Controller (MBC)

  • Non-contact, no lubrication and low maintenance
  • Controls magnetic bearings, which levitate the turbine wheel/rotor assembly

3. PE Cooler

  • Provides cooling to the Vericycle™ Power Electronics

4. Vericycle™ Bi-Directional Power Electronics

  • Controls the speed and power of the turbine/rotor assembly
  • Automatically synchronizes turbine output with grid voltage and frequency

5. Compressor

  • Provides compressed air for operation of the slam valves

6. Condenser

  • Heavy duty 316 SS brazed plate heat exchanger
  • High effectiveness
  • Small footprint
  • Easy connection to cooling water

7. Receiver Tank

  • Ensures liquid is present at pump inlet

8. Refrigerant Pump

  • Industrial grade, high-head pump
  • Variable speed motor adjusts refrigerant flow and pressure to match the heat source conditions

9. Carefree® Integrated Power Module (IPM)

  • Combination of turbine, generator and magnetic bearings
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Highly efficient

10. Evaporator

  • Heavy duty 316 SS brazed plate heat exchanger
  • High effectiveness
  • Small footprint
  • Easy connection to process heat

11. Slam Valves

  • Automatically re-direct refrigerant flow around IPM during a power outage or shutdown.

12. Space Heater

  • Protects unit from cold conditions, extends temperature range of operation

13. Power Delivery Unit (PDU)

  • Single point connection to the grid
  • Distributes power to ORC and other ancillary equipment (i.e. PE cooler, space heater, ORC pump, etc.)