TCS1 Fuel Cell Plant in Daegu, South Korea


The TCS1 Fuel Cell Plant produces steam as a by-product. During the day, a portion of the steam is sold to a neighboring facility, and the remainder is vented to the atmosphere. When the neighboring facility is closed, all of the steam is vented. In order to better utilize waste steam, the TCS1 plant decided to install an Access Energy ORC.

The Prepackaged Thermapower® ORC 125 MT unit was commissioned by Daesung Hi-Tech in February 2016 at TCS1, and the plant is currently benefiting from up to 125kW of power generated from the fuel cell’s excess heat. Most fuel cell plants can expect a pay-back of less than 5 years when installing a Prepackaged Thermapower unit.

“We are very impressed by Access Energy’s new Thermapower system and are happy with how the first unit has been performing in the fuel cell application at TCS1,” said Andy Choi, Vice President of Daesung High-Tech.

Key Benefits:

  • 125 kW of gross power covers the parasitic load of the fuel cell>
  • Maximum site heat utilization
  • Flexible operation based on customer demand
  • Increased steam production due to high return water temperature
  • Does not affect fuel cell operation