Many types of medical imaging equipment, such as CT or MRI machines have power demand profiles that require short bursts of high power.  These profiles can differ from industrial applications where short demands can occur more frequently throughout the day. However, the need for oversized input to meet the maximum demand is the same, and results in high costs for power from the grid, possible disruption to equipment and difficulty allocating power utilization.

For example, CT and MRI equipment typically have normal ongoing power demands of about 6kW to 10kW, but peak demands of up to 225kW for a few seconds during certain operations. As a result, electrical equipment must be sized for peak power requirements, which makes installations costly and may limit the operator’s ability to use equipment for scans that require the maximum amount of power.

Drawing peak power from VYCON® REGEN® Kinetic Energy Recycling Systems instead of the utility can reduce installation costs while assuring full functionality of connected equipment despite other site power limitations.