Oil & Gas

Oil and gas drilling offers a unique set of challenges when it comes to power. Many oil drilling sites use gensets to power their operations. These gensets require diesel, which is trucked to the site resulting in additional costs. In some areas, natural gas coming from the well sites can be used to power the operation, but the unprocessed gas is “dirtier” to burn, requiring mitigation for cleaner and more efficient operations. However the drilling is powered, by gensets or natural gas, these types of installations encounter special challenges due to the inconsistency of power required to drill at these environmentally challenging locations.

In many cases, gensets can be slow to react. For example, if a drill bit hits a rock, it requires dramatically more power to drill through the difficult materials. When this happens, operators must actually pull the drill back, wait for the engine to adjust and then re-drill at the higher power.  Many remote locations use battery banks to store energy and apply it to peak demands, however they take up a considerable amount of space and must be replaced every six months for this type of application.

VYCON® REGEN® Kinetic Energy Recycling Systems are a better solution for this application because there is no need to replace the flywheel during the life of typical drilling operations. Flywheel systems require 10 percent less space than the traditional batteries, offer an unlimited amount of cycles, minimal routine maintenance and can operate under extreme weather conditions.