Industrial Application

Marine Air Bubble Lubrication Systems (MALS) are being developed to increase ship energy efficiency. These systems release compressed air from an air blower to reduce friction between the ship’s hull and seawater, using the air bubbles as a cushion. The blower uses a motor to generate the bubbles and is mainly designed for use on flat hulls. Air Bubble Lubrication System is one of the promising technologies that would enable ships to reduce energy losses, reduce carbon emissions, improve substantial fuel savings and overall efficiency. In order to combat global warming in the area of marine transportation, companies consider development of energy-saving technology for ships as one of the most imperative tasks.

Calnetix Technologies’ Magnaforce™ PM motor on Powerflux™ magnetic bearings directly coupled to the compressor’s impeller eliminates bulky, low-speed motors and oil lubricated gearboxes, which require a significant amount of space and maintenance, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance costs for ship owners and operators.  

Navy vessels and powerboats have been using this technology for decades to enhance their cruising speed without much consideration to the fuel economy. The shipping industry is now employing this concept for its cargo ships and in the development of the future generation of green vessels.