Oil & Gas

Turboexpanders are used in many production and processing activities in the oil and gas industry from the extraction of hydrocarbon liquids from natural gas to energy recovery in petrochemical and gas pipeline pressure letdown.

Calnetix turboexpander systems run on magnetic bearings and are hermetically sealed into a single housing, eliminating the need for a gearbox, lubrication system or any auxiliaries.

Turboexpander systems with Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ motor generators also are enabling newer applications in oil and gas, such as the energy recovery from high pressure oil and gas wells.  These natural gas turbo expanders can take advantage of high pressures currently not used in the production and gathering systems, such as at the wellhead orifice plates and at flow regulation valves prior to transportation pipelines.  This allows for better energy utilization and the generation of additional electricity with no added pollution or additional energy extraction from the well.