Power Generation

When used in conjunction with electrical generators, the shaft power from a turboexpander produces electrical energy.

Calnetix offers a family of Carefree® Integrated Power Modules (IPMs) that make small-scale Organic Rankine Cycle systems viable and economical. These advanced modules consist of a high-speed turboexpander integrated with a high-speed permanent magnet generator, magnetic bearing and power electronics in a single sealed unit. They provide high efficiency and variable speed and load capabilities without a gearbox. These modules require no external seals and utilize non-contact magnetic bearings to eliminate the need for lubrication. In addition, special encapsulation and canning technologies enable our products to be operated in corrosive working fluids, such as toluene and ammonia.

Calnetix products can be applied to all bottoming cycles (steam, Rankine, Organic Rankine, Supercritical CO2 Rankine, Kalina, Brayton, etc.), which are the thermodynamic cycles that generate electricity from waste heat, as opposed to a topping cycles, in which waste heat from electricity generation is rejected to the environment, or used for heating purposes in industry. Calnetix products also can be used in compounder and microturbine systems.