The Optimal UPS Energy Storage Solution For Mission-Critical Power Protection

Subsidiary Specifications

VYCON, a former Calnetix subsidiary, provides flywheel-based energy storage systems for power quality and critical backup in one segment of its business. VYCON’s mission is to deliver clean energy storage technology to industries that require a more safe, reliable and greener approach to backup power in place of hazardous, lead-acid based batteries.


The VYCON Direct Connect (VDC®) system was built using Calnetix’s proprietary technologies, including a high-speed motor generator with active magnetic bearings to levitate and sustain the rotor during operation, and a superior control system that can provide information on the system performance. The VDC system stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass and is designed for high power, short discharge applications.


Calnetix engineers had to design a highly reliable, environmentally friendly and compact flywheel system to compete with existing battery technologies in providing critical backup power to a wide variety of businesses, including hospitals, universities, manufacturing plants, broadcast studios, data centers and gaming centers.


VYCON energy storage systems provide up to 99.6% energy efficiency and have no mechanical bearings to be replaced or maintained – substantially increasing critical load uptime and lowering operating costs vs. older lower speed flywheel designs. Calnetix’s innovative technologies has enabled the VYCON flywheel to charge and discharge at high rates for countless cycles without degradation throughout its 20-year life – unlike traditional batteries. Over 1,000 systems are installed worldwide.

Flywheel Energy Storage System
VYCON Flywheel Energy Storage Systems


Interior View of VYCON Flywheel Energy Storage System
Interior View of VYCON Flywheel Energy Storage System



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