Flexible Design Approach for Custom Systems

Calnetix is uniquely positioned to offer custom solutions by leveraging our existing technology and advanced engineering capabilities to deliver custom designs that are cost effective, robust and delivered on time. Some of these capabilities include:

  • Robust control algorithms that are applicable to a large range of applications
  • Flux based estimator that provides very robust sensorless control of a machine connected to the drive
  • Flexible system architecture, including fully bidirectional operation
  • Design experience in both adjustable speed drives and permanent magnet synchronous machines that allows for anticipation of risks in a new design
  • Custom packaging and enclosure designs to meet the harshest of environments and to meet weight and space requirements
  • Fully integrated team of engineers who are well versed in power electronics design, controls design, embedded software engineering, EM design, thermal design, mechanical stress analysis, materials engineering and compliance engineering