Air & Liquid Processing

Calnetix Technologies’ permanent magnet machines, magnetic bearings and power electronics are being utilized in global air and liquid processing applications, such as gas expanders, gas compressors and pumps. The advantages of these installed systems include reduced maintenance, increased reliability, a significant reduction in size and removal of all conventional lubrication systems to eliminate contamination of the working fluids or gases.


Calnetix Technologies is currently involved in many different automotive applications, managing these projects from initial design, prototype and testing of the components and systems to volume production of the units. Calnetix’s simple design approach combined with expertise in manufacturing techniques results in low cost, highly efficient permanent magnet (PM) motor generators for many different automotive subsystems, including:

Calnetix’s proven technology in PM motors offers unique advantages to the automotive industry, including:

  • High temperature operation
  • High efficiencies
  • Low cost controller options
  • Low costs at both low and high volume productions
  • Physically small and light weight systems

Calnetix Technologies’ core engineering and design team has decades of experience with defense and aerospace applications, having served as a subcontractor to virtually every large prime in the business. Calnetix’s core technology has been enabling many of the permanent magnet motor generator systems in military and commercial aircrafts as well as systems in satellite and space missions. These applications include hydraulic pump motors, air management equipment and APU/IPU systems, chiller systems, and power generation systems. Calnetix’s technology brings many important benefits to aircraft and space applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • High power density
  • High temperature operation

Calnetix Technologies’ products are a great match for the power generation market simply because they offer the highest obtainable efficiencies at price points that compare favorably with conventional equipment. Calnetix’s highly efficient permanent magnet generators are able to match the speeds of prime movers from internal combustion engines to high-speed turbines. While converting mechanical power to electrical power, these generators are able to maintain efficiencies up to and above 98%.

Calnetix designs and manufactures high-performance generators for a variety of power generation equipment, such as:

When compared with conventional systems, Calnetix solutions do not often require gear boxes, lubrication or couplings and are significantly smaller than conventional generators. This means that Calnetix solutions bring original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users the benefits of:

  • Higher reliability
  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower or equal price compared to conventional equipment
  • Smaller size and weight

Permanent magnet (PM) motors provide the high speed, efficiency and controllability that are essential in driving transfer and packaging lines in the food industry. For example, Calnetix Technologies’  permanent magnet motors and controls provided a superior solution for driving the can labeling line of one of the largest domestic brewers, significantly increasing throughput while reducing costs.


Permanent magnet motors are great matches for driving compressors, blowers and fans used throughout the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries. Calnetix Technologies is a preferred source and trusted partner of many industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in this market segment.


From engine exhaust pressure to jacket water heat to turbocharger scavenge air, there are numerous opportunities to generate power from wasted energy aboard marine vessels, and Calnetix can help do so efficiently and cost effectively.

The power produced using any of Calnetix's generator systems, including our Hydrocurrent™ Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system, and our Magnaforce™ motor generator subsystem (shown in the video below), offsets the costs associated with running and maintaining the ship's auxiliary gensets. What's more, through turbocharger motor assist, Calnetix can help improve engine performance (emissions/black smoke, fuel efficiency, life span and maintenance cycle), reduce engine maintenance, and eliminate the need for auxiliary blowers.


Learn about Calnetix's Magnaforce™ motor generator subsystem for the MET Hybrid Turbocharger product line by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Engine Company.

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Calnetix Technologies is a key supplier of subminiature permanent magnet motors used in artificial hearts and other blood pumps. Many patients waiting for heart transplants around the world are utilizing heart assist pumps containing Calnetix products. Implanted devices are liquid cooled with the patient’s blood.


Lifetime performance and product reliability are invariably major concerns for design engineers. These qualities are especially critical in semiconductor applications, where millions of cycles are expected at constant repeatable accuracies. A motor or bearing failure in this situation could equate to loss of work hours, machine time and millions of dollars in lost production and raw materials. Calnetix Technologies offers custom subsystems consisting of a motor, magnetic bearings and power electronics, which meet the specifications for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Calnetix has been a reliable partner for all of the world’s largest producers of semiconductor machinery and offers customized solutions to provide system efficiency and long life for semiconductor equipment. Some of the key acceptance factors are Calnetix’s exceptional reliability and the unique characteristics of its permanent magnet motor generator solutions while operating under demanding conditions, such as corrosive gases, high temperatures and vacuums.

Water & Waste Water

Calnetix Technologies’ permanent magnet machines and magnetic bearings have been proven and recognized in the water and waste water markets globally in pump, compressor, fan and blower applications.. The advantages of these installed systems include reduced maintenance, increased reliability, a significant reduction in size, and removal of all conventional lubrication systems to eliminate contamination of the working fluids or gases.


There is virtually no limit to the utility of Calnetix Technologies’ permanent magnet motor generators, magnetic bearings and power electronics in solving real world challenges. Let us help you develop a unique solution for your company.