Measuring It All: Position Sensors Get An Upgrade

April 29th, 2020

Eddy-current position sensors, which measure shaft displacement in rotating machinery, have been around for many years as they offer manufacturers high-linearity, high-speed measurements, and high resolution. Most eddy-current sensors on the market only measure the distance between the sensor and the shaft—so how do manufacturers measure the displacement of the shaft if it is tangential to the sensor?

Alexei Filatov, Principal Research Engineer for Calnetix Technologies invented a novel eddy-current position sensor that measures both of these factors, as well as much more, in a single sensor. New Equipment Digest spoke with Alexei and Larry Hawkins, Co-Founder and Director of Technology for Magnetic Bearings at Calnetix Technologies to find out how this sensor works and how it will benefit manufacturers.

Source/Publication: New Equipment Digest

Measuring It All: Position Sensors Get An Upgrade