Access Energy Signs Exclusive Manufacturing, Marketing Agreement with Daiichi Jitsugyo for Japan’s Waste Heat Recovery Market

May 27, 2014

Cerritos, Calif. – Access Energy, producers of the safest, lowest cost heat and pressure recovery systems for small-scale commercial and industrial applications, announced today that Daiichi Jitsugyo Co., a renowned supplier of optimum production equipment and systems for industries worldwide, has acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights to its Thermapower™ Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) product line in Japan for an undisclosed amount.

Tokyo-based Daiichi Jitsugyo will handle the manufacturing and marketing of Access Energy’s Thermapower™ systems exclusively in Japan and non-exclusively in Southeast Asia. Daiichi Jitsugyo has exclusively distributed Access Energy’ s ORC systems for incineration applications in Japan since April of 2013. Under the new agreement, the Tokyo company will gain exclusive rights to the systems for the geothermal/hot springs industries in Japan and will work directly with Seika Sangyo, which has exclusive distribution rights in Japan and non-exclusive rights in Southeast Asia for industrial plant applications.

“Daiichi Jitsugyo has a strong passion for bringing reliable, environmentally friendly power solutions to Japan and possesses stellar engineering, service, and customer support capabilities,” said Vatche Artinian, CEO of Access Energy. “We’re proud to have them as a key partner, and are looking forward to the positive impact they will have on clean power generation in Japan and Southeast Asia.”

“By serving as a manufacturer to supply the ORC systems to the market in addition to the conventional role as a distributor and service provider, we will establish a consistent structure in the binary power generation industry and promote renewable energy both in Japan and overseas,” said Koji Yamagata, President and CEO of Daiichi Jitsugyo Co. “We aim to achieve an annual output of 100 units by 2020 for the fields of geothermal/hot springs, exhaust heat from incineration facilities and plants, and other unused energy in Japan and overseas.”

Access Energy will work with Daiichi Jitsugyo to help Japan leverage these systems to the fullest extent possible. Additionally, the company will help source materials and components for the ORC systems locally in Japan, customize user interfaces based on Japanese preferences, and transfer knowledge and experience from its worldwide installations to Daiichi Jitsugyo to optimize performance and lower installation costs.

Access Energy’s Thermapower™ ORC systems generate 125kW of clean, utility grade power from heat sources with temperatures as low as 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The key technologies comprising the ORC systems offer numerous benefits over competing systems, including:

  • Turbine expander- more efficient than positive displacement (screw or scroll expander)

  • High-speed permanent magnet generator- high efficiency

  • Magnetic bearings- no friction and no lubrication for increased reliability

  • Program logic controller (PLC)- real time optimization for all conditions

  • Power electronics- real time grid connectivity with clean power

  • Module flexibility per application- compatible with a variety of heat sources, gas or liquid

Access Energy will continue to supply the Thermapower™ ORC systems to Daiichi Jitsugyo until manufacturing and testing facilities are set up in Japan by April 2015.

About Access Energy

Based in Cerritos, California, Access Energy develops, manufactures, sells and services heat recovery and pressure recovery systems from small-scale commercial and industrial applications. These systems are specifically designed to convert heat or pressure into electric power without interrupting production or processing activities. Access Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calnetix Technologies. For more information, please visit

About Daiichi Jitsugyo

Daiichi Jitsugyo Co.,Ltd. (DJK) is a general machinery trading company that supplies industries worldwide with optimum production equipment and systems. DJK has an accomplished global business network with business locations in 34 cities all over the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, DJK was founded in 1948. For more information, please visit