Access Energy to Speak at ASME ORC 2013 Next Week

October 1, 2013

Cerritos, Calif. – Project Engineer Errol Yuksek will present at the ASME’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) 2013 conference in The Netherlands next week on Access Energy’s latest high-efficiency ORC system designed to specifically address the largely untapped extra low temperature heat sources available for power production.

Access Energy is the producer of the safest, lowest cost heat and pressure recovery systems for small-scale commercial and industrial applications.

“We have leveraged our existing ORC products and technologies to develop an extra-low temperature (XLT) ORC system,” said Yuksek. “At the heart of the new design is the integrated power module (IPM), a hermetically-sealed, high-speed expander coupled to a permanent magnet (PM) generator supported by magnetic bearings. Power from the IPM is fed to an advanced power converter that converts variable frequency, variable voltage power to constant frequency, constant voltage grid quality output power with high efficiencies. These key features combine to create a robust, high-efficiency, maintenance-free power generator.”

In its research, Access Energy’s engineers have surveyed global heat sources available for generation of electric power both in industrial applications and from natural sources, and determined that the vast majority of such sources are at the lower end of the temperature spectrum (180 to 220 Degrees Fahrenheit or 82 to 104 Degrees Celsius).

“In order to maintain high system efficiency across the wide source temperature range, the turbine is designed to operate across a large range of pressure ratios,” said Parsa Mirmobin, Access Energy’s Director of Engineering. “The design of our ORC system is most heavily influenced by the heat source conditions, the cooling source and ambient conditions, heat exchanger design, working fluid selection and turbo-generator design.”

The International Seminar on ORC Power Systems provides an opportunity to learn and discuss about the latest advances in ORC research and development, application/demonstration and a variety of issues related to ORC energy systems. The seminar features presentations by scientific groups, leading ORC companies and expert users at the forefront of ORC research and development. Themes include System Optimization, Applications, Simulation and Design Tools, Operational Experience, Prototypes, Components and Working Fluids. More information is available at

About Access Energy

Based in Cerritos, California, Access Energy develops, manufactures, sells and services heat recovery and pressure recovery systems from small-scale commercial and industrial applications. These systems are specifically designed to convert heat or pressure into electric power without interrupting production or processing activities. Access Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calnetix Technologies. For more information, please visit