Calnetix Adds Higher-Capacity Model to VYCON® Family of Kinetic Energy Storage Systems for Mission-Critical Power Protection

November 8, 2017

VDC XXT Flywheel System Offers 50 Percent More Power Capacity and 33 Percent More Energy Storage in Same Footprint, Available for Immediate Shipment

CERRITOS, Calif. – Nov. 8, 2017 – Calnetix Technologies’ VYCON® energy storage products division has expanded its highly successful family of flywheel kinetic energy storage systems with the introduction of the new higher-capacity VDC XXT.

The VDC XXT delivers over 450 kW and 6,300 kW-seconds of energy storage to provide reliable always-on power protection for large, critical processes, such as data centers, healthcare imaging systems and other power-intensive applications.

“In working closely with our UPS partners and end customers, we found there was a need for greater energy storage capacity and higher density solutions for larger mission-critical applications,” said VYCON Division President Frank DeLattre. “To meet that requirement, we designed the VDC XXT model to boost energy storage capacity by 33 percent and power rating by 50 percent within the same footprint as our other models.”

The VYCON flywheel-based kinetic energy storage system interfaces with the DC bus of the UPS, receiving charging current from the UPS and providing DC current to the UPS inverter during discharge.  Upon loss of utility power, continuous and regulated DC power is instantly delivered to the UPS with ample time to transfer to an onsite generator upon a prolonged power outage.

With a 20-year operational life, the VDC XXT offers a highly reliable, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and compact alternative to battery-based power backup systems.

“Valve-regulated lead-acid battery systems are often troubled by unpredictable reliability, high maintenance costs, hazmat issues and frequent replacement, causing uncertainty and potential downtime during electrical disruptions,” said Kamal Diwan, VYCON Vice President of Sales. “Industry studies have revealed that non-detectable and detectable battery failures account for more than 80 percent of all double-conversion UPS failures. Replacing batteries with kinetic energy storage can greatly enhance the critical power chain’s overall reliability and mitigate risk of downtime.”

 “In addition, the elimination of hazardous materials, such as lead acid, allows organizations to achieve LEED points toward green-building standards by converting to the VYCON flywheel solution,” Diwan added.

Diwan noted that the VDC XXT can be used in a stand-alone solution or to augment a battery-based UPS. Since 98 percent of utility outages are 10 seconds or less, the flywheel can deliver the needed DC energy to the UPS first during these events, saving the batteries for longer-term outages and thus prolonging battery life.

VYCON’s unique patented technology uses full five-axis active magnetic bearings. The frictionless maintenance-free flywheel levitation solution provides up to 99.6 percent energy efficiency and eliminates the need for lubrication or periodic replacement of mechanical bearings.

The VDC XXT systems are UL and CE approved and are certified and integrated by major manufacturers of three-phase UPS systems, including Eaton, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Riello, Schneider Electric, Socomec and Veritiy. Over 1,000 VYCON systems have been deployed worldwide. They are supported by a network of more than 200 trained technicians with 24/7 availability.

VYCON is a wholly owned subsidiary and the energy storage products division of Calnetix Technologies. Calnetix core technologies in high-performance, high-speed motor generators and best-in-class advanced magnetic bearings and control systems are integral components in the VYCON kinetic energy storage systems. VYCON products are applied in power quality markets to provide back-up power in mission-critical applications and in energy recycling markets for capturing and regenerating energy in electric rail, industrial and distributed generation applications.

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