VYCON'S "Green" Flywheel Energy Keeps Electrical Equipment Online at SUNGARD

October 15, 2006

Cerritos, California, USA – VYCON, a leader in the design and manufacture of energy storage flywheel systems, today announced the successful installation and performance of their VDC140 Flywheel Energy Storage System in the United Kingdom operation of SunGard Availability Services, the pioneer and leading provider of information availability solutions. 

“We are very pleased to have an industry leader such as SunGard using our state of the art solution to help ensure its mission-critical applications have the highest possible reliability. At the same time, we have demonstrated how the use of the VYCON system can help reduce its overall costs by replacing lead acid batteries or extending their useful life,” said Tony Aoun, president of VYCON. “Additionally, the VYCON system will free up significant data center space that can otherwise be devoted to revenue generation.” 

At SunGard’s Recovery and Data Centre in Milton Keynes, UK, the VYCON flywheel delivers immediate power to the Uninterruptible Power Supply (“UPS”) that helps ensure full power protection to the entire facility. Performance of the VYCON system is monitored remotely from VYCON’s offices in California, USA. The system has been in operation since mid-February and has supported all power interruptions in this timeframe. 

“We have been satisfied with the performance of the flywheel that we have on test in the UK. We find the product to be well engineered and reliable. We also compliment the technical support that we have received from VYCON,” commented Karl Smith, senior building services manager, SunGard Availability Services. 

The VDC140 and the UPS operate together providing full power during a power loss or disturbance, helping keep all of the facility electrical equipment on-line. The VDC140 at SunGard currently operates in parallel with the lead acid batteries originally installed with the UPS. With this configuration the flywheel system has provided full power protection at the SunGard facility, thus the batteries have not been used. The VYCON system also provides an environmentally acceptable solution in this type of application where historically thousands of lead acid batteries have been used and disposed. 


VYCON manufactures flywheel based energy storage systems, designed to address the needs of the shipyard crane, power quality, rail traction power, and wind power markets. VYCON'S products provide an environmentally friendly, cost effective and highly reliable energy storage solution. For more information, visit www.vyconenergy.com

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