VYCON's REGEN for Shipyard RTG Cranes Reduces Emissions, Fuel Consumption and Provides Definitive ROI for Port Operators

June 20, 2006

Los Angeles – VYCON, a leader in the design and manufacture of high cycling energy storage flywheel systems, today announced the launch of REGEN, their Crane Energy Storage System. 

VYCON is the first flywheel company to address the environmental need to save on the consumption of diesel fuel and reduce emissions produced by cranes at shipyards. The fuel savings provide the customer a return on investment while other advantages such as emissions reduction, noise reduction and improved system response benefit the environment, community and port workers. 

”The REGEN for the RTG crane is groundbreaking in the industry because it can be easily retrofitted onto existing cranes enabling immediate savings, or integrated into new crane manufacturing for a significantly more efficient machine from the start,” said Louis Romo, Vice President Business Development, VYCON. ”We are very pleased to provide technology that not only saves money, but helps the environment and the crane operators’ working conditions at the same time.” 

The REGEN in a RTG crane application provides a method to store regenerated energy from the crane AC hoist motor and reuse it during the peak power demand when lifting containers at shipyards. Currently, this regenerated power is wasted through resistor banks which dissipate the excess power as heat with no value to the operator. The use of the regenerated energy greatly reduces the crane’s fuel consumption, thereby reducing the cost of operation. It also reduces stress on the generator, increasing the life of the RTG machines and decreasing the frequency of maintenance. 

The VYCON flywheel technology in the REGEN system is able to integrate seamlessly with existing RTG systems and provides the ability to capture regenerated power up to once a minute for two 8-hour shifts, 6 days a week, as required by busy port operations around the world. 

About VYCON, Inc.

VYCON, Inc. a manufacturer of flywheel based energy storage systems was established to address the needs of the crane, power quality, rail, and wind power markets. VYCON’s products provide a cost effective, reliable energy solution for a variety of applications. For more information, visit www.vyconenergy.com. Media inquires: Victoria Rierdan Hurley, Grabiner/Hall, Victoria@grabinerhall.com or 310 993 1840.