Advantages of Organic Rankine Cycle Systems

The Thermapower® and Hydrocurrent® products provide clean, utility grade power without disruption to production or processing activities.  The ORC systems can utilize a wide range of heat sources, and require very little maintenance in comparison to conventional technologies, which require regular maintenance of oil filters, oil pumps, seals and working fluid.

Other key benefits of the ORC products include:

  • Proven, Risk-Free Technology- Numerous ORC units have been deployed in multiple applications without any problems. The core technology of these systems is used in many applications, including aerospace, energy, industrial, medical and semiconductor products, and it also is the same ORC technology licensed to GE Heat Recovery Solutions for their Clean Cycle systems.
  • High Efficiency- The ORC products have variable speed generators, which allow for optimal speed operation, and include self-centering magnetic bearings, which eliminate contact or friction between rotating parts. Both of these features provide a five percent (at minimum) efficacy advantage over conventional systems.
  • Zero Emissions or Risk of Contamination- The heat recovery products generate clean energy without the need for fuel or oil lubrication. The closed-loop, hermetically sealed systems have no rotating seals and utilize a safe working fluid that is environmentally friendly, non-combustible and non-flammable. This is in sharp contrast to conventional gearbox solutions, which often have issues with oil leaking into the working fluid or working fluid leaking out of the system.
  • Small Size and Flexible Auxiliaries- The Thermapower and Hydrocurrent products are smaller and lighter than conventional systems and their modular configuration provides the flexibility to optimize auxiliary equipment, such as evaporators for the specific heat sources and condensers for desired cooling schemes (air or liquid).
  • Working Fluid- The R245Fa working fluid for the ORC products can be purchased by customers directly at an economical price.