Power Generation

Local power requirements under 500kW are usually provided by microtubines systems.  These systems not only provide electrical power, but also heat, which can be used to heat a facility or cool it using an absorption chiller.

Calnetix Technologies’ Magnaforce™ high-speed motor generators are a great fit for microturbines given their compactness, robust construction and high efficiency characteristics,.  They can be directly coupled to the gas turbines to operate at high speeds, therefore eliminating the need for complex reduction gears and auxiliary systems. In addition, due to its bidirectional capabilities, the Magnaforce motor generator can be used to start up the microturbine, bringing it up to speed before combustion takes over.

Magnaforce motor generators also are well suited for compact portable power systems above 500 kW. Like microtubine applications, the Calnetix motor generators couple directly to the turbine enabling the portable standby generators to be extremely small and lightweight, so they can be easily towed or airlifted by helicopter. 

Both microturbine and larger portable power systems have the capability of using multiple fuels, such as natural gas, diesel, aviation and bio-fuels.