Blowers and fans are used to provide continuous flow of gas, in combustion, ventilation, aeration, particulate transport, exhaust, cooling, air-cleaning and drying applications, to name a few. Industries served vary widely from chemicals to food processing to semiconductors. Industrial blowers provide a large volume of airflow, which helps in the removal of dust, fumes and airborne contaminants.

Calnetix has extensive experience with blowers and fans, and our Magnaforce™ high-performance motors are good fit with such applications due to their small-size, high efficiency, variable speed, high torque system capabilities, reduced noise and ability to reach high rotational speeds. Permanent magnet motor systems from Calnetix combine the cutting-edge technologies of a high-speed permanent magnet motor with Powerflux™ active magnetic bearings, an integrated control system and a Vericycle™ variable speed drive in a blower. This high-speed drive blower with an integrated VSD is highly efficient with minimal maintenance costs. Its compact design and low noise level makes it the perfect choice for large range of applications. Calnetix’s high-speed motors are extremely energy efficient because they are tailored to specific applications.

Some of the more unusual uses of Calnetix technologies include blower applications for mixing gases in fuel cells or for dispersing smoke screens.