Lifetime performance and product reliability are especially critical in semiconductor applications, where millions of cycles are expected at constant repeatable accuracies. A motor or bearing failure in this situation could equate to loss of work hours, machine time and millions of dollars in lost production and raw materials. Calnetix Technologies offers blower motor systems using Magnaforce™ permanent magnet (PM) motor technology to cool semiconductor lasers. Our blower systems have a compact design with the latest magnetic bearing centrifugal oil-free technology that ensures a constant air flow and the highest air volume. The use of active magnetic bearings substantially increases bearing reliability and system performance when compared to conventional bearings since contamination from bearing lubrication is eliminated. Calnetix delivered a unique blower motor system design to one of their customers in early 2000, and the customer has been successfully shipping thousands of machines since then.

Calnetix has been a reliable partner for all of the world’s largest producers of semiconductor machinery and offers customized solutions to provide system efficiency and long life for semiconductor equipment. Some key advantages are Calnetix’s exceptional reliability and the superior performance characteristics of our PM motor solutions while operating under demanding conditions, such as corrosive gases, high temperatures and vacuums.