Providing High Value Manufacturing and Full Life Cycle Support for Our OEM Partners

Calnetix Technologies is a leading supplier of high-speed permanent magnet (PM) motor generators, magnetic bearings and power electronics worldwide and provides high-value manufacturing and full product life-cycle support for our global OEM partners at our over 66,000 square-foot facility located in Cerritos, California. 

We invest significantly in our people, equipment and facilities to ensure that each product meets the highest standards of quality, precision and performance. All production lines are designed to be scalable to meet fluctuating customer demand, with production staff cross trained for further flexibility in factory floor loading. Our production employees have an average experience of 30 years in their areas of expertise and are continually advancing their knowledge and skill sets. 

In-House Manufacturing and Testing Capabilities

  • CNC and high precision machining (+/- 0.0001)

  • Grinding

  • Fabrication of tools (designed in-house by our manufacturing engineers)

  • Turning and grinding of rotors

  • Rotor and stator assembly

  • Rotor sleeving

  • Rotor balancing

  • Motor generator assembly and test

  • Power electronics assembly and test

  • Actuator assembly and test

  • Magnetic bearing assembly and test


Calnetix Technologies is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through providing consistent quality products and services and by continuously seeking ways to improve our engineering designs and manufacturing capabilities.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2004 and has been re-certified to the most recent released version ISO 9001-2015. This enables us to design and produce the highest quality products, while providing the best service and value to our customers. From estimating proposals, purchasing, production planning and control to manufacturing, inspection, packaging and shipping, our QMS provides us with the necessary tools and controls to ensure that products comply with applicable customer and regulatory requirements, which enables us to continually improve our processes and overall customer satisfaction.


Calnetix Technologies is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all employees and visitors in our facility. Calnetix has a standing safety committee to address safety concerns and maintain OSHA compliance on our campus. More specifically, our safety committee is responsible for the following activities:

  • Updating and maintaining our safety program documents

  • Developing new policies to ensure the safety of all employees in our facility

  • Promoting general employee health and wellness

  • Responding to all safety concerns identified by employees or during periodic facility walkthroughs

All Calnetix employees receive extensive training on safety precautions, emergency evacuation procedures, identified hazards and necessary personal protective equipment instructions. All visitors are informed of the necessary safety protocols and procedures during their visit.