Aerospace electrical power generating system requirements have been growing due to the increased demand for electrical power onboard aircraft. The more electric aircraft (MEA) and hybrid electric aircraft systems are being widely recognized as the future of the aerospace industry to meet power demands of increasing electric loads, reducing aircraft emissions, improving fuel efficiency and lowering the total cost of the system.

Calnetix offers starter generator systems that reduce operating costs, improve reliability and system efficiency, especially when paired with our power generation technologies. In addition to exceptional low lifecycle cost, our high-speed performance results in reduced fuel and maintenance costs driving greater value to the aircraft.

Calnetix Technologies’ Defense & Aerospace division has designed a variety of solutions combining gas turbines and Magnaforce™ permanent magnet (PM) motor generators ranging from auxiliary power units (APUs) for today’s advanced fighter aircrafts and UAVs to self-contained industrial power generation systems rated at 500 kW or more.

Traditionally, airborne turbine generators utilize gear reduction systems to drive synchronous or induction electric AC generators. Calnetix’s high-speed direct-drive PM generators can eliminate the gearbox, significantly improving efficiency while reducing required maintenance. In addition, the size and weight of the generator can be significantly reduced, improving fuel efficiency.