Pumps are devices used throughout industry to move fluids, such as liquids or slurries. Permanent magnet (PM) motors are a good fit to meet the requirements of driving pumps, given their small size, high power density, constant torque over a wide range of speeds, and efficient variable speed control capabilities. PM motors are high-speed, cost effective, versatile and are used in pump applications worldwide.

Calnetix Technologies has designed Magnaforce™ high-speed motor solutions for pumps ranging from ultra-compact heart assist devices to large industrial units rated at multiple megawatts for petroleum refining, chemical, processing and water treatment. Calnetix has experience in developing permanent magnet motors for pumping fluids, such as cryogenic liquids, natural gas liquids and highly corrosive fluids like toluene. Calnetix’s compact and lightweight pumps are high speed and have higher reliability, higher efficiency, higher flow velocities and lower maintenance costs.

Permanent magnet motors designed for operation with electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) are equipped with high-speed rotors. These motors are mechanically simple, release almost no pollutants and have the ability to operate at a low variable rpm that is particularly useful for many pumping applications. They perform better in harsh environments with viscous fluids, high solids content, low production or unstable inflow than any other artificial lift methods. For more information about downhole ESPs used in the oil and gas industry, visit www.upwingenergy.com.