Calnetix Technologies is a supplier of high reliability assemblies and components for the medical industry and has been providing components for an FDA approved implantable device for over 10 years. 

Subminiature Magnaforce™ permanent magnet motors used in Left Ventricle Assist Devices (LVADs) and other blood pumps provide long-term cardiac support to the patients with cardiac disease. Implanted devices are liquid cooled with the patient’s blood.

Calnetix’s electromagnetic design portfolio of high-speed permanent magnet motors, active magnetic bearings, sensors and electromagnetic coils have provided high efficiency and high reliability solutions to customers in the medical field. High-speed permanent magnet motor technology offers a compact and an efficient design; that translates to the low power consumption, low heat generation and smaller size and weight of pumping devices. Our magnetic bearing technology supports the rotor without any mechanical contact, enabling the components to operate in a hermetically sealed environment with no lubrication, resulting in minimal damage to blood or other fluids.