Calnetix Technologies has a range of technology tools to address the emerging needs of next-generation power generation and energy management for government, military and commercial applications, including space vehicles. These building-blocks include permanent magnet generators, active magnetic bearings, SiC power conversion, energy storage flywheels and other advanced technologies.

Electrical power production and distribution is fundamental to quality of life and national security. The need to produce that power in smarter, cleaner and more efficient ways is driving emerging technologies toward green energy and electrification. Hybridization and electrification of aircraft, ships and ground vehicles will require terrestrial power generation solutions to keep their batteries topped up and mission-ready. Calnetix has provided many novel solutions, such as heat recovery systems, energy storage systems and compact power generation systems across multiple industries.

In remote locations, portable power generation and smarter microgrid technologies simplify material logistics and produce power where it’s needed. Fuel supply lines using traditional products such as JP-8 make up a large portion of the supply chain logistics of our military. Improvements in the efficiency and portability of these systems through hybridization and miniaturization will bring savings in fuel and logistics costs, as well as reduced environmental impact. Calnetix is leveraging high-speed permanent-magnet generators and industry-leading SiC power conversion equipment to enable step-change improvements in efficiency, reliability and power density. Energy storage flywheel systems can offer improvements to microgrid stability and surge tolerance especially when large pulse power may be required.

Calnetix products can be used in concert with almost any type of prime mover, whether it be a traditional gasoline or diesel engine, direct-drive generation based on turbine engines, fuel cell solutions or even nuclear thermal energy.