Nuclear power generation is re-emerging as a competitor for clean and sustainable energy. Next-generation nuclear plants will offer increased safety measures and reduced environmental impact. Modular and portable reactors are also emerging as a practicable option for combined heat and power in austere environments. 

Calnetix's high-speed technologies are being utilized in advanced nuclear micro-reactors and emerging small modular reactor (SMR) applications. Many of these next generation nuclear power plants are HTGR (high-temperature gas reactor) type, utilizing high pressure gas as a working fluid in the primary loop of the system. The extreme pressures and temperatures of this working fluid along with strict requirements around reliability and leakage prevention require a new approach in the circulator design. Calnetix's Powerflux™ active magnetic bearing systems, Magnaforce ™ permanent magnet motor, and Vericycle™ variable frequency drives enable a step-change in performance and reliability for these unique nuclear circulation pumps.