With greater power demands and system complexity, the defense industry is constantly looking for cutting edge technology to power a multitude of systems for both mobile and stationary applications. Magnaforce™ high-speed motor generator technology with active controls provides systems with higher impulse power delivered per unit of propellant and allows for changes in voltage frequencies as needed per application and location. It is an efficient solution for various military applications, including auxiliary power units (APUs) for advanced fighter aircraft and UAVs, portable power supplies and weapons systems.

Magnaforce™ power dense rotating machines also provide an ideal direct drive solution to meet the increased power demands of existing Navy platforms within the existing footprint. For example, the HES-C chiller compressor drive system, which was introduced to the Navy in 2016, was able to use Calnetix Magnaforce™ drive systems to increase the existing cooling capacity by 1.75 times in the same volume and footprint. In addition, Magnaforce™ high-speed motor generators also improve reliability and reduce chiller fuel consumption, resulting in reduced ship acquisition and life cycle costs.