Some chemicals can only be recovered at cryogenic temperatures, and Calnetix’s unique, small-scale gas turboexpanders can successfully produce the refrigeration needed to recover chemicals in a production plant’s process gasses.  In addition, the expander wheel can be coupled to Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ PM generator to produce power for onsite consumption to reduce plant operating costs.

Other chemicals, such as specialty chemicals, inorganic chemicals, pigment and dyestuffs and polymers, are produced through a spray drying process.  Working with Dedert, a leading manufacturer of dryer and evaporator systems, Calnetix has developed a Magnaforce™ motor system on Powerflux™ magnetic bearings for Dedert’s Magnetic Rotary Atomizer in its spray dryer systems to eliminate the need for high maintenance gear drives, belts, bearings and lubrication systems. 

Learn how Calnetix’s Magnetic Bearing Motor Technology is taking spray drying to the next level with Dedert’s MSM-250 Magnetic Spray Machine.

The highly compact and robust Dedert Magnetic Rotary Atomizer offers low maintenance and high reliability compared with conventional rotary technology, and can accommodate a broad range of liquid feeds, including abrasive products. Dedert Atomizers are provided with a Calnetix Vericycle™ variable speed drive and a fully automated PLC-based utility control and monitoring system.  Dedert Atomizers can also be readily adapted to existing installations to increase spray dryer capacity or greatly reduce maintenance costs.