In an industrial environment, a reliable supply of compressed air is critical to ensure process continuity. The enclosed arrangement of a permanent magnet motor and active magnetic bearings are built to ensure continuous operation and reliability in these environments.

Calnetix Technologies’ Magnaforce™ permanent magnet motors are used in a wide range of air and gas blower systems requiring high energy efficiency. For example, Calnetix motors drive CO₂ blowers that cool laser metal cutting machinery in the automotive and heavy industries. Likewise, our high-speed motor and magnetic bearing technologies helped increase the speed of air compressors for one of our customers in the industrial tool and equipment industry. The customer wanted to expand their product line to include higher pressure levels, and this required the motor to spin at high speeds. Similarly, our motors drive air blowers for wastewater applications. These blowers oxygenate water pools, such as aeration lagoons or oxidization ditches, to promote bacterial growth in the secondary treatment of wastewater. 

Calnetix’s high-speed, high-performance and high-efficiency blower technology with Powerflux™ magnetic bearings and an integrated control system was developed to help customers reduce energy costs while providing reliable air delivery for aeration needs. Calnetix also has designed and manufactured complete compressor systems, compressor drive systems and controls using our Magnaforce™ and Vericycle™ technology for a variety of fuel cell technologies requiring precise gas management. Fuel cells are electrochemical energy conversion devices that convert the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water and produce electricity in the process.