Calnetix Power Solution’s Waste Heat Recovery Technology Licensed by GE for Certain Applications

October 7, 2010

Cerritos, Calif.  October 7, 2010  Calnetix Technologies LLC, a global leader in energy efficiency high speed motor and generator technologies, components and systems, announced today that GE has licensed CPS’ waste heat recovery technology for certain specific applications along with has acquired CPS’ Florida facility where waste heat recovery systems are packaged and tested. Recovering waste heat from industrial processes and using it to produce electricity is a rapidly growing trend in the global power industry, offering high efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.
Included in the license, CPS 125kW Cleancycle product for certain applications. Capstone Turbine Corporation has the exclusive right to distribute and integrate the Cleancycle product for Microturbine applications. GE will continue to supply Capstone pursuant to this agreement.

Calnetix’s core technologies include permanent magnet motors and generators, magnetic bearings and power electronics. These technologies have all been utilized in creating CPS’s compact, high efficiency waste heat to power systems. At the heart of these systems is Calnetix’s unique “integrated power module” (IPM), a high speed in-line expander-generator utilizing magnetic bearings. With one moving part, and no physical bearing contact, the IPM features exceptional compactness and reliability.

Mr. Artinian added, “We remain excited about the potential for our technology, which can be utilized in a wide variety of markets. Calnetix believes that making power from waste energy sources represents the best global opportunity to increase energy efficiency. We intend to remain active in this field, and are developing several other waste energy product initiatives.”

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Calnetix, Inc. is a global leader in high speed high efficiency permanent magnet electric motors and generators, magnetic bearings and high frequency power electronics. For more information visit the company’s website at

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Based in Stuart, Florida, Calnetix Power Solutions manufactures green, energy efficient waste heat recovery systems for renewable and distributed energy markets.

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