Calnetix Technologies Launches New Insight™ 3600 Magnetic Bearing Controller

March 6, 2012

Cerritos, Calif. – March 6, 2012 – Calnetix Technologies, LLC (, a world leader in high-speed motor generator technology, announces the commercial availability of its latest technology development, the Insight™ 3600 magnetic bearing controller. These state-of-the-art, compact, panel-mounted units are the company’s third generation of magnetic bearing controllers, offering control of advanced permanent magnet bias magnetic bearings in up to five independent axes.

According to Herman Artinian, Vice President of Business Development at Calnetix, magnetic bearings are becoming essential components of high-speed rotating systems, helping to eliminate rotational friction as well as the need for lubrication. Magnetic bearing controllers monitor shaft position and provide the electrical current to maintain the magnetic fields that position a rapidly spinning shaft.

Each Insight™ 3600 controller contains all the elements necessary to operate a magnetic bearing system, including:

  • A sensor interface to drive and demodulate up to five sensor coils, providing the position of the rotor in real time 
  • A powerful DSP (digital signal processor) that regulates power amplifier current to drive the bearing actuators based on position sensor data 
  • Power amplifiers rated at 3600 VA (Volt Ampere) per channel 
  • A comprehensive GUI (Graphical User Interface) for programming and for remote monitoring and diagnostics of the system

“We believe that our new Insight™ 3600 controller is the most advanced system of its kind available on the market today,” said Artinian. ”It is certainly the most compact controller in production with all of its capabilities in a 4 x 17 x 17 inch package.”

The Insight™ 3600 controller is available for use with the company’s advanced Powerflux™ and Xcelflux™ magnetic bearing products. For more information, please call 562.293.1660 or visit

About Calnetix Technologies
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