Calnetix Technologies to Present and Exhibit at International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings Virtual Conference and Exposition

August 4th, 2021

CERRITOS, Calif. – Aug. 4, 2021 – Calnetix Technologies will present and exhibit virtually at the 17th International Symposium on Magnetic Bearings (ISMB17) Virtual Technical Conference and Exposition from August 18-21.  

Calnetix’s co-founder and Director of Technology for Magnetic Bearings Larry Hawkins will present a paper titled “Random Vibration Simulation and Testing of a Compact Magnetic Bearing Supported Blower for Space Applications.” The paper is co-authored by Calnetix’s Principal Research Engineer Alexei Filatov and Manager of Rotordynamics and AMB Controls Rasish Khatri along with NASA Glenn Research Center’s Senior Technologist Chris DellaCorte and Senior Research Engineer Samuel A. Howard.  

The paper presents the vibration test requirements of the recently developed Momentum™ In-line Blower and provides details of simulations performed to assess the need for locking the blower rotor during launch. Candidate locking strategies were evaluated by comparing peak backup bearing displacements and loads predicted by the simulations. The author will discuss the simulation methodology and compare the results from the successful random vibration testing of the prototype to the simulation.  

“We have successfully completed the random vibration and simulation testing for the magnetically levitated blower, which will be a key component of NASA’s new 4BCO2 carbon dioxide scrubber,” said Vatche Artinian, CEO of Calnetix. “The test validates that the unique blower system design surpasses the technical challenges of meeting strict size and weight requirements and successfully operating in microgravity and during 4BCO2 operational changeovers.”  

The vibration testing is a standard NASA requirement to ensure the electronic equipment sent to the International Space Station (ISS) can survive the launch environment. The results of the vibration test provide good confidence that the in-line blower can be launched without failure due to random vibration experienced during the launch. The simulation results prove that the model can be used for future de-risking of the effect of launch loads on AMB-supported turbomachinery. 

In addition to the paper presentation, Calnetix will host a virtual exhibit booth for the event. Attendees are invited to learn more about the company’s products by visiting the virtual booth.  

The ISMB is held biennially to promote scientific and technological exchanges among researchers and engineering practitioners around the world.  

About Calnetix Technologies

Calnetix Technologies, LLC (“Calnetix”), headquartered in Cerritos, Calif., is focused on Innovation That Drives Industries®. The company specializes in high-performance, high-speed motor generators and best-in-class advanced magnetic bearings and control systems. Calnetix’s patented, underlying technologies, which have been in use since the company’s inception in 1998, have made Calnetix a world leader in the design and production of high-speed machines. The company’s overall technology portfolio and system integration capabilities have led to development and production contracts with industry leaders and the start of many successful subsidiaries that focus on unique niche markets.