Turbomeca Selects Calnetix to Develop a High-Performance, High-Speed 2MW Generator for Use with the TM1800 Turbine for Ship, Train & Distributed Generation Applications

May 1, 2003

California, USA. – May 1, 2003 – Calnetix, the global leader in high performance, high speed motors and generators, today announced the development of a 2MW high speed permanent magnet generator to be directly coupled with a gas turbine engine for power generation. The development contract has been awarded by Turbomeca, a division of Snecma Group, from France.

Turbomeca selected to use a directly coupled high speed generator with their TM1800 advanced high efficiency gas turbine to eliminate the gearbox, reduce maintenance, and significantly reduce system size weight and costs. Initial installation of this advanced system is for ship board applications for the British and French Navies. In parallel, Turbomeca looks forward to using the TM1800, the diesel beater system, for other transportation vehicles such as trains, as well as for power generation in the distributed generation (DG) market, and portable gensets.

This is the second such development contract Calnetix recently received for a high speed machine in the megawatt (MW) range, and Calnetix clearly sees their proven technology in applications as high as 20MW for both high speed generators and motors.

“This is clearly the path all high speed rotating equipment, such as turbines, compressors, blowers, and expanders will have to take to be competitive in the industry. Microturbines were definitely the stepping stone to use such high speed direct drive solutions, and now many industries see the benefits in performance, reliability, life and cost of direct drive high speed systems,” said Ali Farahani, Director of Product Development for Calnetix.

“We have been keeping a very close watch on the high speed generator technology for the past three years or so, and have been in contact with all who claim the capability to develop such machinery to our specifications. Only Calnetix convinced us about their capability to complete such technical design as well as manufacturing and production in the allocated timeframe. Seeing a single unit run in the laboratory environment does not make the technology ready for our industrial use, however, Calnetixs globally installation base in addition to their high speed technology was very impressive and reassuring,” said Jean-Luc Thouvenot, TM1800 Program Manager at Turbomeca – Land and Marine Turbines division.

The testing of the high speed generator is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2003 at Calnetix. The initial testing with the turbine is to follow after that in the first part of 2004.

“We are very pleased that Turbomeca has chosen Calnetix for the development of the high speed generator,” said Herman Artinian, Director of Business Development at Calnetix. “Turbomeca definitely understands the benefits of the direct drive alternator, and are setting the trend in the industry which will surely be followed by other OEMs. I do not see how other turbines in the same size range will be competitive, regardless of the application, once the TM1800 hits the market.”

About Calnetix

Calnetix, a privately held high tech company based in California, USA, is the industry leader in high speed motors, generators, magnetic bearings, and integrated magnetic drive systems. The company’s products are utilized in distributed power generation, power conditioning, gas processing, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries worldwide. Additionally, Calnetix provides a unique cost effective solution for Power Quality and UPS applications through its subsidiary Vycon, which manufactures energy storage flywheel based UPS systems.

About Turbomeca

Turbomeca is the leading helicopter engine manufacturer, and has produced 49 000 turbines based on its own designs since the company was founded. With more than 2 000 customers in over 140 countries, Turbomeca provides a proximity service thanks to its 14 sites, 3 subsidiaries, 23 TurboSupport Centers, 32 repair centers and 90 Field representatives and Field mechanics. The Head Office is based in Bordes, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (south-west France). Turbomeca is part of the Snecma Group, specialists in aerospace propulsion and equipment. Microturbo, a subsidiary of Turbomeca, is the European leader in turbojet engines for missiles, drones and auxiliary power units.