Magnaforce™ Electric Motor Generators

Various requirements such as continuous need for increased high-power density, oil-free operations, high efficiency and zero emissions are leading to a growing demand for high-speed permanent magnet motors and generators. Calnetix Technologies designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of Magnaforce™ permanent magnet (PM) motors and Magnaforce™ permanent magnet (PM) generators for a variety of applications and industries. Our high-speed motors and generators are designed based on a flexible modular structure, developed using technologically-advanced engineering methods. The permanent motors offer energy efficiency and low maintenance benefits over motors with gear boxes. These high frequency motor generators range from only a few watts to megawatt power levels with speeds ranging from 4,000 rpm to 450,000 rpm. The high-speed permanent magnet industrial machines are generally used in demanding applications such as turbomachinery, oil & gas and military etc.

Calnetix’s high-speed motors and generators combined with the active magnetic bearings is a 360-degree solution and an ideal match for energy efficiency and compactness. Our permanent magnet motors are designed with the smallest volume and weight, thanks to the high rotational speeds. Calnetix Technologies' high-speed motors use PM rotors supported on magnetic bearings to achieve increased efficiency and high-power density. Our electric motors meet specific application needs on a job-by-job basis and offer small footprints, reliability and greater design flexibility than traditional gear box motors. We develop custom series for OEM manufacturers and create innovative solutions that contribute to making their product offering more competitive in the industry.

Calnetix Technologies has designed the high-speed electric motors and generators with superior technology and are the preferred choice for large compressors and vertical pump applications. We are also a key supplier of subminiature Magnaforce™ permanent magnet motors used in artificial hearts and other blood pumps. Calentix's high-speed electric motors and electric generators provide the following advantages:

High-speed Motor Operation

The thermal management of high-speed, and therefore high operational frequency, machines is always a challenge and requires rigorous trade-offs to achieve optimization and to ensure reliable operation. As an example, in the direct-mount, electric-assist turbocharger application, minimizing the use of auxiliaries is highly desired. Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ PM high-speed motors and generators are optimally designed in such cases to be compatible with high frequency electronic drives by the use of special materials and techniques. In an application requiring oil-free air, the Calnetix Magnaforce™ electric motor and electric generator technology is integrated hermetically with the Calnetix Powerflux™ magnetic bearings into a special housing resulting in an oil-free, maintenance-free system. The ability of coherent technologies to be integrated seamlessly into a reliable, user-friendly product is unique to the Calnetix high-speed machines at the system level.

High-efficiency and High-temperature Operation

Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ permanent magnet motors and permanent magnet generators are designed with processes and material selection that reduce loss components while keeping material costs in line with the requirements of each application. Special coatings and manufacturing methods reduce losses at each component level, while very innovative thermal management techniques and high-performance encapsulation techniques allow the machines to operate in harsh ambient environments up to 90 ⁰C.

High Power Density

Our most power dense machines are rated at 100 kW in a 0.75-liter volume (the equivalent of about a half of a loaf of bread) with a complete machine weight under 5.5 kgs (11.2 lbs).

Optimized Performance by Application

A unique feature of Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ high-performance motors and high-performance generators is that they can be designed along with magnetic bearings and high efficiency variable speed drives (VSD) in-house to achieve compact, optimized solutions for each application without compromising any of their inherent benefits - high-speed, high-efficiency operation and zero maintenance requirements. This is achieved by the special construction features and the fabrication of our high-performance stators and rotors. A variety of in-house tools are used to optimize the stator configuration, including fill factor, end-turn bundle, neutral termination techniques. Stators are fabricated both by Calnetix technicians and by qualified and approved vendors to whom the techniques of our stator manufacturing processes are carefully transferred, resulting in flexible and economical production to meet a wide range of volume and schedule requirements. The rotors of each Calnetix permanent magnet high-speed motor and permanent magnet high-speed generator are specially designed to provide high magnetic coupling to the stator with very minimal flux fringing both in the axial and transverse directions, creating a very high back EMF per magnet volume, with the highest magnetizing efficiency. Rotor harmonic currents are minimized by a variety of surface mounting techniques that keep circulating electrical paths isolated without loss of electromagnetic or structural integrity. The Calnetix proprietary high strength composite sleeve used to retain the magnets is near-zero loss from harmonic eddy currents, thus enabling the rotor physical air gap and the air-gap cooling requirements to be minimized. Together, the technologies in the Calnetix high-speed permanent magnet rotors provide advanced electromagnetic efficiency, rotor tip-speeds and therefore industry-leading power densities.

Customization of High-speed Motors and Generators for Special Applications

Calnetix Magnaforce™ high-speed motors and generators provide the best combination of small size, high efficiency, integration flexibility, and unique features to meet the requirements of special applications, such as:

  • Hermetical sealing
  • Oil-free operation
  • In-line motor generator configurations
  • Direct mount bearingless motor configurations