When it comes to harvesting energy or boosting performance, Calnetix provides the leading edge, unsurpassed technology in the high-speed motor generator world. Calnetix’s expertise has led to innovations that have resulted in continuous improvements in machine power densities and increased temperature operating capabilities that are far greater than that of our competitors. Calnetix has reliably demonstrated electrical machines with power densities that are significantly less than 0.1 kg per kW. No industry demands more high-performance systems in the shortest amount of time than motorsports, and Calnetix has the experience to meet those demands.

Since 2008, Calnetix has been involved in designing, developing and producing high performance electrical machines and components for Formula 1 motor racing championship. In 2014, new FIA regulations went into effect requiring for even more efficient power units. Calnetix’s involvement was expanded to encompass both kinetic energy recovery motor generator units (MGU-K) and heat recovery motor generator units (MGU-H), with the latter design matching turbo speeds as high as 135,000 rpm. Most recently, Calnetix added to its motorsports portfolio an advanced high-speed, high-performance motor generator unit for Formula Electric (Formula E).