Calnetix has expertise in both the mechanical and electrical system integration of e-turbos and e-chargers for use in petrol and diesel engines. Significant system performance benefits have been demonstrated for on-road vehicle applications with e-turbo and e-charger systems utilizing Calnetix’s unique Magnaforce™ motor and generator technology, which meets and exceeds the acceleration of smaller turbochargers, following engine load requirements in real time. Calnetix’s experience can provide the best combination of size, efficiency and integration flexibility.

For heavy trucking, turbocharger systems that integrate Calnetix high-speed permanent magnet motors can drastically improve fuel economy as well as charge batteries to run onboard systems through the recovery of waste heat from the engine’s turbo.  This eliminates the need to wastefully run the engine when the vehicle is parked, resulting in fuel savings while reducing CO2 emissions.

For light vehicles or passenger cars, smaller turbocharged engines are the growing trend. Calnetix systems are able to eliminate turbo lag and provide more engine torque at low engine speed, allowing for engine downsizing without compressing the vehicle’s performance and driving experience. Further fuel economy is also realized by recuperating energy and supplying it to the vehicle’s ever-growing onboard electrical demand.