Oil & Gas

In some cases, natural gas produced with crude oil is flared because there are few pipelines or infrastructure to bring it to market. New regulations are requiring oil companies to reduce flaring, and new natural gas compressor systems with Calnetix Technologies’ Magnaforce™ PM motors and Powerflux™ magnetic bearings are being designed to compress the gas for use onsite or to be processed for sale.

Directly coupling Calnetix’s motor system to the compressor eliminates the need for conventional gearboxes and auxiliary systems.  The Magnaforce™ motor has a small footprint, requires minimal maintenance and causes no disruption to production activities.

Another oil and gas application with broad applicability to large regions of the United States is down-hole gas compression (DGC). Down-hole gas compression, close to the reservoir, is the most effective approach in lowering the field abandonment pressure and hence increasing ultimate energy recovery. Calnetix is developing DGC technology to improve recovery and field life of low pressure and high water-cut gas fields in an environmentally robust manner.