Calnetix Technologies has partnered with several original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to design and produce air compressor and gas compressor systems for industrial applications. Air and gas compressors that use variable speed drives to improve the overall compressor efficiency and performance have been commercially available since 1990’s. Gas compressors are being used in applications, such as oil extraction, transportation and refinement processes. Some of these compressors can be easily modified in their internal bearing and sealing systems to be used for both air and gas compression. The compact and lightweight Magnaforce™ high-speed motor that drives the compressor allows the system to be more efficient and have a smaller footprint. The high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency motor has a simple structure and offers reliable operation. It can achieve higher performance than traditional motors.

Calnetix also has developed an oil-free air compressor product line with a major compressor OEM, using Magnaforce™ motor and Powerflux™ magnetic bearing technologies to eliminate all risk of oil contamination, as well as reduce operating costs.