Hydrogen is a sustainable, climate-friendly energy source of the future. It is increasingly emerging as a decarbonization agent for the energy transition. To meet the growing demand for turbomachinery solutions in a hydrogen economy, Calnetix’s suite of solutions enable customers to shift to a more sustainable future. Calnetix’s energy efficient and reliable hydrogen compressor solutions increase pressure and decrease the volume of hydrogen gas via direct drive centrifugal compressor technology.

Compressors are an enabling technology, transporting hydrogen safely and cost-effectively across the value chain. Centrifugal impellers for hydrogen operate at much higher speeds than comparable compression applications. This efficiency necessitates higher powers at even higher speeds for hydrogen application. In this environment, Calnetix’s core competencies are proven to deliver the greatest impact for OEMs to make their hydrogen products more innovative and effective.

The compact and lightweight Magnaforce™ high-speed motor that drives the compressor allows the system to be more efficient and have a smaller footprint. Calnetix’s permanent magnet motors achieve typical speeds ranging from 15,000 rpm up to 200,000 rpm—ideal speeds for centrifugal hydrogen compression. The integration of the PM motor, Powerflux™ magnetic bearings and Vericycle™ variable speed drives hermetically seal the compact centrifugal compression system, ensuring successful operations in a hydrogen environment.  Our oil-free, hermetically sealed technology provides improved reliability to meet the highest hydrogen purity. 

With a wide range of pressure and temperature capabilities—from cryogenic to high temperatures and pressures, Calnetix machines are backed by proven technologies that effectively protect against embrittlement, decrepitation and other adverse effects of hydrogen. These machines deliver a reliable solution for the hydrogen compressors of tomorrow and seamlessly integrate into existing systems. The system integration capabilities of the team enable our OEM partners to customize sustainable solutions that meet the unique needs of the future energy economy without compromising efficiency, reliability and product lifecycle.

Hermetically Sealed Hydrogen Compressor
                        Hermetically Sealed Compressor System