Industrial Application

Compressors are mechanical devices that increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Calnetix Technologies’ Magnaforce™ permanent magnet (PM) motors, with their high efficiency, small size, and high-speed capabilities, are ideal prime movers to drive these devices.  

Calnetix designs and manufactures high-speed superior performance motors utilizing its Powerflux™ active magnetic bearing, Vericycle™ variable speed drive and permanent magnet motor technologies to meet the challenging requirements of industrial compressors. The use of magnetic bearings allows the compressor to operate without the use of oil for lubrication, which reduces energy losses. The variable speed drive on the motor allows the compressor to operate more efficiently at partial loads than standard compressors.

The compact and lightweight Magnaforce™ high-speed motor that drives the compressor allows the system to be more efficient and have a smaller footprint. Calnetix’s permanent magnet motors, with typical speeds ranging from 15,000 rpm up to 100,000 rpm, allow for a compact motor with ideal speeds for impeller design. This results in a compact compressor without a gearbox and oil-lubrication system, thus making it oil-free and appropriate for applications that require 100 percent oil-free air or process fluid. From units that have set new highs in efficiency for large HVAC chillers to those used to generate oil-less compressed air for use in numerous industrial applications, Calnetix has broad experience in designing PM motor solutions for compressors of all types:

  • Air compressors

  • Cryogenic gas compressors

  • Natural gas compressors

  • Process gas compressors

  • Other industrial compressors