Calnetix’s Defense & Aerospace division currently serves as a contractor for the U.S. Army Ground Vehicles Systems Center in the design and development of a 500 kW bidirectional inverter. The high-frequency and power dense inverter will be demonstrated in electrified military vehicles as a part of the Platform Electrification and Mobility (PEM) effort. The Enercycle™ DC-1000 inverter is ideal for this application, as it offers high temperature operation, high system efficiency of up to 98.5 percent and unmatched power levels and durability for the harsh environments of the U.S. Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems.

Calnetix PEM inverters, utilizing SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) technology, will drive traction motors and pair with hybrid electric generators to provide mobility and on-board electrical power to ground combat vehicles, enabling a step-change in vehicle performance and operability.

Next-generation unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) payloads will require high power density motor generators to ensure long periods of operation in the field. Calnetix’s Magnaforce™ Permanent Magnet (PM) generators provide the best combination of size, power, cost and reliability for these missions. They are customizable for special applications and provide excellent energy efficiency, minimal footprint and low maintenance requirements.  

After over 20 years of providing electric power generation and power management solutions to OEMs, Calnetix is bringing its proven expertise to improve operational excellence to help military gain and retain operational advantage over adversaries.

Bi-directional Inverter
                                Enercycle™ DC-1000 Inverter