Calnetix’s core technology has been enabling many of the power and thermal management systems, such as air cycle systems (environmental controls) and vapor cycle systems, in military and commercial aircraft and in satellite and space missions.  Calnetix’s high-performance motors on oil-free magnetic bearings are a good fit for many aerospace and space applications due to their small-size, high efficiency, high reliability, variable speed and high torque capabilities.  They offer maintenance-free operation, reduced noise and the ability to reach high rotational speeds.

Calnetix Defense & Aerospace worked with NASA to design a next-generation blower for a CO2 removal system, which will be installed and tested on the International Space Station (ISS) after completing ground testing. Calnetix’s ISS blower system includes a compact in-line blower on magnetic bearings, called Momentum™, and an integrated hybrid dual controller, called Continuum™, to drive the blower. The high-speed blower consists of a centrally located five-axis Powerflux™ AMB system, backup bearings, an overhung Magnaforce ™ permanent magnet motor and a centrifugal impeller in a very compact package. The magnetic bearings were chosen over conventional bearings to significantly increase the performance, reliability and lifespan of the system due to its frictionless operation. It fits into the same length, width and height envelope as the foil-bearing supported blower which it is replacing.